20. How You Can Make Your People Own the Company Goals?

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20. How You Can Make Your People Own the Company Goals?

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What does it take to make your people own the goals and feel excited to achieve them? The answer is by engaging them with the goals. I explain in more detail in this new condensed episode which is part of the whiteboard series where I share insights about leading people from my experience developing thousands leaders managers and frontliners.

Like always, I would appreciate any feedback you have about this episode or the podcast overall. Feel free to reach out to me on fouadmalame@gmail.com.

Also, whether you are a leaders of 5 or 5000 people, if you have any challenges driving the development of the capabilities, alignment, engagement or collaboration of your people or simply struggle implementing strategy or driving change at scale, connect with me for a complementary session to discuss this together. In this session, you would get insights which you can apply right away to take your people and organization to the next level.

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