Alame Transformational Programs​

Transform your people capabilities while accelerating engagement, collaboration, commitment, and business improvement

The Alame Approach

Transforming leaders and people’s skills while increasing their commitment to the goals and company, developing their relationships with peers, and improving the business through individual and team-based work

Unique Advantages

Action Oriented/Results

Real work leading to improving real results.

Holistic/More Effective​

Connect learning and development to the business context and existing structure of the organization.

Focus on both Self & Professional Development ​

Develop both the personal (e.g. wellbeing, self awareness, confidence) and professional skills (e.g. communication, influence) of the participants.

​Connected to Strategy ​

Ensures that all development areas are connected to the strategy and the business improvement goals.

​Individual and Team Learning and Work​​


Improves and develop relationships between participants.

Unique Benefits

Improved Capabilities

Better capabilities through real practice based learning, self reflection and peer feedback.

Changed mindset

More positive and empowered mindsets.

Higher engagement

Improved engagement and motivation.

Increased commitment

Stronger alignment with the company, its vision, goals and KPIs.

Better relationships / collaborations

Deeper relationships and partnerships among participants.

Improved business

Tangible business results.


Driving Action Learning,
Collaboration & Business Improvement ​
  • Helps participants apply what they are learning including leadership, influence, teamwork, analytical and strategic thinking, project management, change management
  • Develop strong relationships between participants through team based projects and assignments
  • Increase participants’ alignment with and commitment to company’s goals and business priorities
  • Improves the business
Real Work: Business Areas
Assignment Identification & Management
  • Individual and team based work
  • Business areas could be identified in alignment with the company strategy and business priorities
  • Process of identifying and managing the projects will be facilitated based on best practices facilitating over 100 business improvement projects as part of dozens of transformational programs
  • Teams to give updates on their projects progress at every milestone
Alame Transformational Programs ​

Expert Services Based on
25 Transformational Programs​

  • Best practices & unique design adapted to your business needs and priorities
  • Professional and self development
  • Face to face and webinars facilitation
  • Working with business Leaders to identify and develop the business sessions
  • Work with business leaders to define and structure project work​
  • Best practices for managing the business improvement areas including project work
  • Provide feedback on teams’ progress
  • Unique process
  • Help team creation and set up for team based project work
  • Support team development including  engaging directly with teams and giving feedback on project work
  • Process  and templates for team development and peer feedback
  • Creating business and learning assignments​
  • Following up​
  • Feedback
  • Survey for participants’ feedback 
  • Summary presented to senior leaders with action plan
  • KPIs 
  • Program improvement on the go​

To Transform your people & Change Your COmpany


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