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The One Year Life Accelerator

Turn Around Your Life – The One-Year Life Accelerator

Launch Limited Special Price: 50% discount for your current as well future month subscription*

Program Includes:

  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Dr. Fouad
  • Access to the Transformational Accelerator Courses (The One Year Life Accelerator- Applying the One Year to Live Insights, The Habit Accelerator: Developing Empowering Habits, The Daily Growth Accelerator: The Power of Daily Reflections)
  • Powerful Resources and Tools
  • Community of Like-Minded Peer Group

The One Year Life Accelerator isn’t just a program; it’s a transformational journey that challenges you to live life according to your own values and standards. It will help you face fear and take the steps you have always wanted to take. It will inspire you to live a more fulfilling life.

If you want to squeeze every drop of success and joy out of life or are simply at a crossroads, seeking direction, this accelerated transformational journey is for you

*’ The limited launch special 50% discount will apply to all your monthly subscriptions in the next 24 months with potential savings of 250 per year.

What People Are Saying About Dr. Fouad Alame:

“No doubts that you are number one. Please… Please, continue with your mission, I’m sure that many other people need your guidance, inspiration, and support. Thanks for the ENERGY that is now inside all of us…”

Danilo, Italy

“…you are one of a kind! You have achieved what very few leaders were able to achieve. You positively energized so many people creating a beautiful culture of trust, with a positive can-do attitude and a sense of belonging.”

Bassel, UAE

“You are a life changer!! just two words THANK YOU!!! I have no words to express the impact you had in me..!!”

Alicia, Mexico

“Your contribution to my life-changing will forever remain in my heart! …Your knowledge, vision and wisdom turned my overwhelming life into a place of peace. Your everlasting energy and true inspiration helped me find the best version of myself. Your powerful motivation… pushed me to another level You’re an example …. A True Leader in action to help others be much better than they were before coming across you.”

Asia, Portugal

“Although just a couple of weeks meeting you (virtually). I have been inspired.”

Irene, Malaysia

 “The moments we shared during the program are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life. The impact that you and the team had on my life is second to none! Inspiring, energizing, and exciting!! …you touched lives in a very impactful way. Thank you for sharing your energy, your time and your spirit with all of us.”

Lorna, Canada

“…no words can give justice to what you have achieved and how you have influenced hundreds of lives in a very personal and professional manner. Your spirit, energy, commitment & unparalleled way to touch people’s hearts has helped so many in their personal development…”

Markus R., Germany

“…you really made a difference in our lives.”

Irismar, Brazil

“Big thank you for the inspiration, positivity and energy!” 

Nadja, Germany

“It was a great pleasure having to learn from you. The energy you radiate is truly inspirational.”

Nabhan, Dubai


Who is The One Year Life Accelerator” for?


“The One-Year Life Accelerator” is designed for leaders and individuals who feel stuck in life and are yearning for a drastic positive change.

If you want to squeeze every drop of success and joy out of life or are simply at a crossroads, seeking direction, this accelerated transformational journey is for you.


“It has been a privilege to have experienced your work, and thank you for sharing your spirit & passion with so many people. You are the builder of great people and leaders.”

Mike, Canada

“Thank you very much for all – for inspiration and spirit, for creativity and passion, for all the great times!”

Arne, Germany

“I will remember your high energy and positive attitude to work and life overall. Contagious. You have been an inspiration.”

Alex, Switzerland

“…thank you for the great time and learnings during the program, you have been an inspiration, and I will miss your positive energy and smile.”

Licia, Italy

Embrace Your Year of Change

Unlike most self-development programs, the One-Year Life Accelerator will help you achieve both success AND fulfillment.

It’s a commitment to yourself – a pledge to live your life according to your own terms and standards.

Dr. Fouad Alame will be your mentor and coach, helping you navigate this incredible journey of transformation.


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